World Marketing Kero World KW-12 Compact Convection 10,500 Btu's Portable Indoor Kerosene Heater (10 500 BTU)

World Marketing

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The KW-12 provides 10,500 BTU/hr of warmth and can provide up to 15 hours of heat and light on one tank (1.1 gal.) of fuel. It's the perfect heater for emergency preparedness.

NOTE: The state of California prohibits the use of this product in any dwelling, house or unit. In the state of California, use should be limited to non-airtight outbuildings such as barns, garages, etc. The sale of this product is prohibited in the state of Massachusetts. Please check your state and local codes prior to purchase.

Lightweight, portable
Extended burn time
360 degree heating radius
Push to start ignition
Accidental tip-over shut-off
Provides heat and light
No electricity required
2-Year warranty

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